Mad in France, (2009)
At the origin of «Mad In» realized by Tendance Floue, there was a report. A multiple glance, subjective, sometimes chaotic, which was not acceptable in the compartments of the current press. We had then decided to create ourselves this space of freedom, through an improper object, breaking the economic and editorial rules of the media. A madness which we called «Mad In». This act « to make nevertheless » lead us in the choice of our glances on France. This is not a speech we would want collective, but of a voluntary pooling of felt, of observations and creations. Of our dissonances went out Mad in France. It puts in act the question of an idea of resistance.
Photography : Tendance Floue and Jean-Christian Bourcart
Text : Cécile Cazenave, André Benedetto, A.H. Benotman, Frank Gatti, Marie Bardet, Simon Guibert, Eric La Blanche, René Lew, Jacques Maby, E. Renault, Pascale Égre, Patrick Viveret, Vincent Glenn, Willy Persello, Marie-José Hubbaud
Graphic creations : Adrien Albert, Nathalie Baetens, Claire Braud, Olivier Culmann, Frédérique Daubal, Vincent Desplanche, Julie Gehria, Léonie Goron, Justine Fournier, François Lecocq, Emmanuelle Viguié, Francine Viguier, Yakana
Graphic design : Justine Fournier
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