Mad in France


At the core of the “Mad In” series carried out by Tendance Floue there was an underlying statement. We became aware that a multiple, subjective and sometimes chaotic point of view was not admissible in today’s press. We therefore decided to create our own space of freedom through an unseemly object, thus breaking with the economic and editorial rules of communication media. It is a delirium that we have called “Mad In”. Our will to “keep going regardless”, led us in the different possible ways of looking at France. This time however, we did not want to present a so-called collective discourse, but rather to put forth the sharing of common feelings, observations and creations. Our clashes gave birth to “Mad in France”. It is an attempt to act out the question of resistance today.


Exhibitions :
2011 – Musée des Moulages, Lyon / France
2010 – Institut franco-japonais de Tokyo / Japon
2010 – Mérignac / France


Book :
Tendance Floue éditions, 2009

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This exhibition presents the following sets of photography :
- 3 bâches 200 x 300 cm
- 8 bâches 250 x 166 cm
- 3 bâches 70 x 300 cm
- 1 bâche 250 x 200 cm
- 3 bâches 150 x 250 cm
- 1 bâche 100 x 150 cm
- 1 narrow bâche étroite 50 x 300 cm 2 exits HP
1 tube of 105 cm, diameter of 16 cm
1 tube of 130 cm, diameter of 16 cm
1 tube of 170 cm, diameter of 16 cm
2 tubes of 300 cm, diameter of 20 cm
122 kg