00H00 GMT, (2004)

On the 25th of March 2004 at 0h00 GMT in ten different countries around the world, all the photographers of Tendance Floue pressed their shutter release at the same time. They all stayed 24 hours at the location each of them had chosen, a country or urban crossroads. Their cameras captured 24 hours of live world daily life; the same fragment of time, not the same fragment of life.
Throughout the images brought back from each crossroads, time did not evolve in the same way. It rushes in Delhi and 24 hours seem to be just a couple of minutes. It expands in Timettigue, in the South of Morocco, and a day seems endless. It flows to the rhythm of the waters of the Mekong at a river intersection at Sa Dec in Vietnam. It freezes in an instant when three lorries meet face to face at a crossroads at Ebblinghem, in the North of France, and then it stretches indefinitely reaching mind-numbing ennui.
This ordinary day at 10 crossroads around the world reveals how life has its own pace depending on the place.