Mad in India, 2008


“One year after Mad in China, we wanted to renew the experience, this time in India, with the same team of eleven photographers and two journalists.
The same rush to finish a review in under three weeks. India however is a country of images. Besides those we all had in our heads before landing at the airport in Delhi, there were all the infinite representations of itself that the country had always produced and conveyed. We felt the urgent need to create a dialogue on our arrival, in order to hear the Indians’ point of view. Only writers, poets, journalists and militants could echo our own view point, that of the Western world, caught up in its usual madness. Only they could create the necessary reference points in this team project in which every participant was alone with himself. In fact, it is actually all a question of mirrors; mirrors of our images that reflect fragments of Indian reality; mirrors of the authors whose words are there to query our own questions. It is therefore all a question of reflections which has sometimes been misinterpreted as a series of hallucinations.”
Cécile Cazenave
Photography : Tendance Floue
Text : Cécile Cazenave, Vincent Réa, Indrajit Hazra, Samit Basu, Altaf Tyrewala, Rongili Biswas, Mohamad Junaid, Geetanjali Shree, Devangshu Dutta, Tenzin Tsundue, Abha Dawesar, Tenzin Tsundue, Abha Dawesar, Balbir Madhopuri
Vandana Shiva, Anita Roy, Priya Sarukkai, Biswhadeep Moitra, Aveek Sen.
Graphic design : Akshey Raj Singh Rathore et Justine Fournier


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