Road Zero, (2003)


To photographe a road which doesn‘t exist, you have to trace it. A year ago we decided to shoot Europe by following a road which cross the 25 countries of the Union of 2004, a Transeuropean Road. The Road Zero.
We wanted to bring home images of that reality. Europe : what does it look like ? Our road did not figure on any map. We were 10 having it in our brain. It will start in Cyprus and finish in Gibraltar. It willl cross the new 10 states, unknown, and the other 15 states, not well known. We bought an occasional station wagon. We cut our itinerary into 10 and intrust to each of us a part of that route to open, one after the other. Only one constraint: to stop every 50 kms and shoot a picture. Put a photographical milestone. At the precise moment where each of us shoot a picture, he will make exist the ROAD ZERO. Today this road mesures 23000 kms. It is irregularly, syncopated, illogical, anarchistic without any short cut. ROAD ZERO is not a photographical item. It is a trait in the Union, drawed during 6 month, by easy stages. The rest, the essential, is a story of chance . That chance put to our eyes people, landscapes, stories and meetings. A glimpse on the border of the road, posed or not. Everybody cleared a path.
This Europe is purely subjective. Road Zero exists.


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Graphic design : Justine Fournier
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