Philippe Lopparelli
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    “Electronic music can potentially dissolve itself within sound, hide behind other noises, become the undefined voice of nature – or that of mixed feelings – and as such is like breath.”
    Andreï Tarkovski
    Philippe Lopparelli has been following the electronic generation throughout the whole of Europe for the last 10 years.
    Instead of documenting this social phenomenon in a purely ‘objective’ way, with Electrotopia he has chosen to develop amicable ties with people. His approach, which is neither condemning nor biased, enables him to capture the intimacy between the bodies of a crowd and thereby penetrate the voracity of human relations. This perspective conveys a contemporary feeling based on the absence of illusions, interspersed with reconstructive links. The voice of nature is this body of people sustained with the same pulsating beat, vital to our equilibrium.
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