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  • White Night
    White Night was first worked on in 2000 during a journey across Niger.
    In the beginning, there was this one picture of a neon light in a night market in Niamey which stood out, then the fluorescent tube became an object, and the main subject for every photograph. This light – a symbol which is universal, commonplace and yet highly suggestive – became the object of an obsessive fascination. In Shanghai, Paris, Bamako, Helsinki, New York, Khabarovsk, Marseille, Cairo, Niamey, Bordeaux, Beijing and Bagnolet, these photographs invite us to imagine the atmosphere of these cities and of each spot lit place. Be it in a restaurant, in the entrance hall of a building, in the street or in an underground car park, each photograph inspires us to look at these very familiar places under a whole new light.
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