Gilles Coulon
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  • Extime or exposed intimacy (2017)

    Although described as “silent”, Generation “Z” is expressive, sharing and open. The profusion of images produced and exchanged by these kids on social media is an iconographic treasure that tells us about their moods, their hopes, their love interest, their distress, without any filter. With the complicity of seven youngsters in the Paris region, Extime delves into this bank of images and restitutes it in the form of portrait mosaics, looking at their dreams, their doubts and their everyday concerns
    With the support of La Souris.

    Series by made in the framework of the national photographic commission “La jeunesse en France” (“Youngsters in France”) initiated by the Ministry of Culture and Communication and steered by the National Centre for the Visual Arts (Centre national des arts plastiques – CNAP) in collaboration with the association CéTàVOIR.