Gilles Coulon
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  • Winter(s), (France, 2010)
    In winter, I have looked for the others’ winter.
    The ones I don’t want to see and we don’t see any more. Their presence is too hard to bear. It should be inadmissible. The routine has made them insignificant. From now on, they are part of the urban landscape.
    How far do we need to be to contemplate a landscape?
    What distance does the indifference create between passers-by and these bodies lying down on the nooks of the asphalt?
    During the country winter, snatched, I have looked for the trace, indirectly, of “homeless people”. In the brief contemplation of a snowy landscape, I wanted to take my time to look at them. At the time of the year when the climate threats them more than usual and reminds us, for a brief moment, that they exist.
    Series made in the framework of the project “France 14”: 14 photographers around Raymond Depardon’s mission in France, 14 looks on French territory. See the book
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