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  • Les hommes greniers / Bertrand Meunier et Michaël Sztanke from Tendance Floue on Vimeo.

    Men in the attic (Hong Kong 2010)
    Hong Kong is an extreme city, the verticality of its urbanism and the density of its population is striking. Although the city is home to the biggest Asiatic fortunes, half of its population lives in rent-controlled housing, a world record. The “Men in the attic” cram in these often insalubrious buildings. They are young immigrants coming from mainland China, or Hong Kongers without income whom most of them are retired. They are 100 000 people living like this. The gloomy everyday life of these inhabitants, made of an extreme lack of privacy, a feeling of seclusion and insalubrity, is depicted in this webdocumentary.
    Webdocumentary realized in cooperation with the journalist Michaël Sztanke, co-produced by France Télévisions and Narrative in the framework of the project «Portrait d’un nouveau monde».