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  • Le Quartier / Bertrand Meunier from Tendance Floue on Vimeo.

    Le plateau

    This work is the outcome of a eight-months residency led by Bertrand Meunier in the Saint Jacques neighbourood in Clermont-Ferrand in partnership with the Photographic Center Hotel Fontfreyde.

    “Everything is there, in relief, parrying the overall homogenization process which makes labelling easier. The men and women depicted in these photos are singled out by minimal frictions, just like the environment they live in, the urban landscape the inhabitants rub up against. Besides being a closed area with its buffers, concrete stairways, bars, walls and buildings with improbable angles standing in improbable places, it is also an area offering a means of expression.
    While some call for « silence » on the walls, the photographer enjoys himself like a child, trying to imagine a huge playground and Nature, by ironically cracking the concrete, manages to find its way through, thus making fun of modernity.
    The history of this district is therefore told with delicacy and poetry, thanks to all these tiny frictions. Instead of putting a shine on a hackneyed image of these so-called difficult districts, Bertrand Meunier works on the tenuous merging line between elements, human beings and surfaces, proposing an alternative vision, another form of memory and other fields of possibilities.”
    Marion Duquerroy