Bertrand Meunier
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  • Hub Side Down
    Hong Kong, Bangkok, Tokyo, Shanghai: four cities of endless flow, four Asian megalopolis, 
four hubs where Bertrand Meunier hunts down his recurrent questions about human beings 
versus their environment and the daily clashes they face. He reveals the madness of the 
global city, giving the feeling of science fiction came true: instead of showing the megalopolis 
head-on, the photographer invents it with its pictures, and recreates a fifth imaginary city, as 
a questioning about individual behaviours in these urban modern worlds.
    In a black and white 
photography, in which the grain is ever-present, taking his time to stand back, to process his 
contact sheets, to discover his own images, Bertrand Meunier eliminates nearly all 
architecture from his pictures to focus on the human. Through an expressionist approach in which the form strengthens the content, the photographer’s commitment places him in Anders Petersen’s movement. Bertrand Meunier sets grave and penetrating eyes on men set in a particular context. His reflection is part
    of a long term work: he began working on China more than ten years ago.
    Camille Pillias
    This series is stilling in progress.
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