Thierry Ardouin
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  • The good / bad seed ?

    By law, seeds can only be commercialized in France if they are registered in the official Catalogue of species and varieties.
    This guarantees farmers that what they are buying are standard seeds; and generally, they have to buy them from the same seed supplier each year. The GEVES laboratory in Anjou tests seeds before certifying and officially registering them into the catalogue. Some of these registered species are coated with phytosanitary products. In Alès, the association “Kokopelli“ sells age old, rare seeds which are not homogenous and can be reproduced by the plant. The people in the association are against the registration of the seeds they sell, because they are fighting for free trade in the seed industry, and for the freedom of seed reproduction. The association has been tried and sentenced for the selling of non authorised seeds.

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