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  • No man’s land / Pascal Aimar from Tendance Floue on Vimeo.

    No man’s land, an area of uncertainty or ambiguity (Paris, France, 2010)
    The “Porte de Bagnolet”, at the city’s far East, is one of the most polluted places in Paris. Overshadowed by the Mercuriales twin towers, miles of asphalt crisscross on several levels. At rush hour, cars take over the space with their humming deafening noise, keeping the pressure high. Thousands of people commute each day across this area. While most are confined to their cars, a handful of passers-by are on foot. At times, one will find refuge for a night, setting his tent up beneath an overpass.
    Many sidewalks are forbidden to pedestrians, most are dead ends anyway. Anyone that dares venture through this unpredictable space has only one thought in mind: making it across to a safer place.