Pascal Aimar
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  • Born in 1961 in Paris
    Pascal Aimar started out by exploring the potentialities of photography : he went from being a press reporter to a fashion and advertising assistant to a television and film photographer.
    In 1995, the making of film documentaries became his main profession – framing shots and directing – portraying the world from a different perspective, focussing on his meetings with a large array of people, ranging from politicians to agricultural workers to youngsters living in Sarcelles. During the same period he continued his career as a photographer: showing facets of people’s lives in Bolivia, Japan, and making photo-documentaries on young trainee footballers in Clairefontaine and on the subject of clandestine immigration between Morocco and Spain.
    During the year 2000, his photography radically changed course and moved towards a more conceptual form of art with “Car en sac” and “Passantes” (Women Passers-by), two series of portraits of anonymous people, taken with a telephoto lens and evoking the solitude in our day to day lives.
    In 2006 he made a film documentary of 37 minutes on the collective Tendance Floue which was presented by Raymond Depardon and projected at the Antique Theatre of Arles during the International Photography Festival.