Denis Bourges
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  • Ex-Voto (France, 2013)

    Ex-voto tells the story of the Notre-Dame of the Sea. This religious ceremony is celebrated on 15th of August on Groix island in the Morbihan area, in Brittany, and people pay tribute to the deceased at sea. A mass in honour to Mary the virgin, saint of the sailors, is celebrated. These religious celebrations let place to festivals. It is an opportunity to renew contacts lost because of parochial conflicts. It is time to speak again, during and after the mass, or at the café with the priest.

    Ex-Voto deals with the stories of these sailors, in love with this sea, which takes people away as suddenly as the wind can turn or embruns can inebriate.

    Series done in the framework of the carte blanche by the sea photo festival of Vannes 2013