Denis Bourges
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  • Between 2 worlds, Victoria Station (India, 2005)
    After my work at the Mont Saint Michel, I went on with the same series of photographs in Mumbai, one of India’s most booming cities. I chose to focus on fragmented moments and parallel lives in Mumbai, a huge city where modernity and ancestral traditions coexist, with the intent of putting these two worlds into perspective. MUMBAI: Victoria Station at a crossroads between tradition and modernity. I decided the train station would be the best converging place for people of completely different walks of life, a unique place at the crossroads of so many worlds, one that truly encompasses the whole spectrum of Indian diversity. The people that pass each other, hurry and mix day by day, in and out of trains, on platforms, are the very representatives of a multi-faceted India. Modern India is made up of these millions of migrant workers from rural areas that go their way along side a fluctuating army of dynamic executives, students and artists. Based on this city where tradition and modernity are firmly rooted in, the aim of my project is to put these worlds which sometimes bring opposite and paradoxical realities together, into full perspective.