Alain Willaume
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  • Fractured and Confused (USA, 2013)

    Paranoia, euphoria, despair, affluence, denial … everyone reacts according to their own character, and their own interests, to the emergence of fracking; the “Hydra of a Thousand Drill Heads”. In Pennsylvania, the exploitation of shale gas is conducted by “The Industry”, as those there refer to them as. Since the latter has swooped on the area and its reserves of drinking water, fresh air and landscape, nobody knows where the truth lies. With disdain and arrogance, these masters of the universe, in which the country owes its wealth and power, divide citizens, spread lies and discord, trample both individual and collective ethics. They turn lives upside down. Run for your life, defeated or victorious, as “The Industry” gets by fine. Meanwhile, fleets of trucks carry days and nights contaminated fluids that gravely harm the landscape and its depths.

    Supported by Olympus-France

    11 photographs of this series belong to the exhibition Gas