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  • Ninety Three More Than Ever (work in progress)

    ‘Hi man, the sun doesn’t look the same today, no?’ Like every morning, Adrian joined me at the old overgrown skate park. Instead of talking to me as usual, he keeps asking me where does this ashy light that seems to cover everything come from. As if I could do anything about it! Yes, there is a High Fog all over the city today, yes the sounds are muffled as if it had been snowing. And yes, the lions of the Galilea Street have not roared at sun rise as they usually do. Ever since I came out of the shelter, everyone looks strangely vacant, the people, the trees, everyone… And Bertrand keeps walking so fast.

    A two-voice project has been carried on by Alain Willaume and Bertrand Meunier at the end of 2014. Its subject: the French department of Seine-Saint-Denis, also known as ‘93’, the postal code of this northeast suburb of Paris.
    Walking relentlessly all over that vast district (236 km2), they have at length followed the same streets, collecting voices, signs and silhouettes and staying away from the clichés that usually define those disadvantaged neighborhoods. Little by little, each one with his specific voice, they worked at finding a common way to tackle the stigmatized territory.