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  • Born in 1969 in Villeneuve-les-Avignon (France)


    Meyer is a self taught photographer who did his initial training from 1991 to 1996 as the photographer of the town Noisy-le-Sec. During the same period, he took passionately to the rave scene and made “Lunacy”, an extreme vision of an emblematic underground rave party.
    From 1999 to 2002, he took part in several alter-globalization movements and went on three journeys into the occupied territories of Palestine. The resulting series of eleven pictures, in square colour format, silent and ominous, was awarded the 2002 Paris-Match Special Jury Prize.
    In 2004, commissioned by the Contemporary Art Circle of Cailar, he worked on the theme of the bull and made “Putain de maïeutique camarguaise !”  (Bloody Camargue Maieutics !), which was exhibited at the 2005 Arles International Photography Festival.
    Meyer also devoted those years to travelling. He took part in the adventure of the Cinéma Numérique Ambulant (CNA) (Itinerant Digital Cinema) which travels from place to place organising the projection of African films on large screens in villages in the bush land areas of West Africa. This series entitles “Mon frère lumière” (My Brother Light) was exhibited at the Arles International Photography Festival of 2006 and was awarded the 3rd World Press Photo Prize for 2007 in the category of “Arts and Entertainment”.
    Since 1989, he has been working on a photographic story entitled “La Brigada”, which depicts friendship in a tender and poignant way, illustrating the origins of male relationships and their complexities.