Flore-Aël Surun
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  • Female to Male – Male to Female (Spain, France, 2001-2003)
    The documentary I worked on for the Joop Swart Masterclass of 2001, organised by World Press Photo and based on the theme of identity, was an opportunity for me to explore transsexualism. During this project I met Tom, Vincent, Yohan, Ryan, Miguel, Gina and Joana, among others. What fascinated me about them was their interior strength and magnificent will to live. It actually takes a lot of courage for these people to accept themselves, to no longer see themselves as monsters, to go beyond the beaten tracks, and to question stereotyped “norms” of heterosexuality. Masculinity and femininity are first and foremost grounded within the “human being” and all this marginalising and excluding of transsexuals from our society must stop. The feeling of shame which is triggered by someone different must end and make way for a universal conscience of Being.