Caty Jan
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  • Following a public assistance’s commission, and an immersion in the midwifes’ world, Caty Jan has begun working on motherhood and maternities in France in 1991. In 1993, she herself gave birth to Pauline, and decided to resume this work the following year.
    After France, she ended up in Cuba. In only a few days, without any intermediary or access to the labor room, she rubbed elbows with anguished women, waiting for their delivery. Her work is filled with violence, damp languor, crudeness, as well as with grace, suggesting without any false modesty the universal truth of childbirth. Without distorting reality, Caty Jan expresses the pains, the questions, the exclusively feminine gestures linked to these moments, decisive and yet lived for a thousand times and more…
    Camille Pillias