Korea On / Off (2016)

Collective body of work created by Tendance Floue for the France-Korea Year, Korea On / Off is composed of a choral ensemble of twelve photo and video narratives. It has been produced during a period of two years and is covering a wide range of the Korean territory. Inventing a new kind of collective recital that follows on from previous projects, KOREA ON / OFF focuses on the Tendance Floue collective’s guiding principles: poetry and commitment, individuality and sharing, affirmation and imbalance.The symbols of the I Ching and Yin-Yang, components of the national flag of the Republic of Korea, are at the heart of the project concept.

> Exhibition :
Cité International des Arts, Paris (France) : 30 August – 25 September 2016
GoEun Museum, Busan (South Korea) : 17 December 2016 – 22 January 2017

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