Invited by the festival ImageSingulières, Tendance Floue has invested the city of Sète for a residency. A collective aventure review -“Mad in France”- has been published at the end of the festival.
«In the catalog of the impossible, the challenge was real. Again. As in India, as in China, opening scene of the attacks dive with Tendance Floue has made a specialty. Say, to paraphrase a publishing success, that this time, the gang attacked the photographic opportunity of an island – singular – review or corrected by the famous collective energy pluriélise it, male and feminine. CéTàVOIR invited by another band of merry troublemakers, who shakes the palm Sète to break down all the clichés, «les Tendance » came down, as they say casually when we see a map. To the south, the sun, wind, fish and pink.
They left ten days later. What they left behind? A refusal to submit to the consensus badly cut and soft ease, a desire to depict a city that is not given to anyone who will watch it. (…) »
Remy Fière

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Mad in Sète
Tendance Floue
Remy Fière, Joaquim Caroça, Christian Caujolle, Coralie Dubost, Willy le Devin, Philippe Saule
Graphic design
Justine Fournier and Julia Chantel
CéTàVOIR et Tendance Floue
Number of pages
108 pages
24 x 32 cm
19 euros
Release date
Isbn :