From Arthur to Zanzibar/Philippe Lopparelli


”Zanzibar”. During the last ten years of his life, Arthur Rimbaud, who was exiled between Aden and Harar, never stopped dreaming of this idyllic land. He saw the island in a magical light as ”somewhere better, a little further”, he had searched for in vain all his life. However, Rimbaud never lay a foot on Zanzibar.
This series is a tribute to this unfulfilled existential quest, a journey into the heart of Rimbaud’s eternity, where the sea merges with the sun.


Exhibitions :
2011 – Galerie Particulière, Paris / France
2011 – Galerie Le Lieu, Lorient / France
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This exhibition includes 15 prints non-pasted baryta:
11 prints 30x40cm, 36x4 6cm dark brown wooden frame
1 print panoramic 27x78 cm, 33x84cm dark brown wooden frame
2 prints 50x60cm, 56x6 6cm dark brown wooden frame
1tirage 18x24cm, dark brown wooden frame 24x30 cm