Nowhere / Patrick Tourneboeuf

Contrary to expectations and in spite of the varied architectural styles, the impression given by this habitat is that of uniformity and desolation. Beyond the striking visual effects of these pictures, this photographic work offers more than a sociological or ethnographic report. It encompasses a political dimension by revealing the absurdities of certain urban planning decisions.
These photographs bring time to a standstill so as to awaken our conscience and critical mind.
As for nature, she would laugh at such considerations. Once the summer visitors have left, she seems to regain her mastery over the place, as if to mock the fragility of man’s constructions…
Christophe Quillien


Exhibitions :
2012- Nulle Part, Rencontres Photographiques d’Arles, Galerie SFR. Arles / France.
2011- Nulle Part/Nord, Festival Transphotographiques, Maison de la photographie. Lille / France.
2007 – 17èmes Rencontres Photographiques, Galerie « Le lieu » à Lorient / France
2005 – Espace d’art contemporain, galerie Voûtes du port de Royan / France
2005 – Museum project Galerie M+B Fine Art à Los Angeles / USA
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This exhibition includes 20 prints of 120 x 120 cm encapsulated