Denis Bourges
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  • With Bewitching hair, a model’s height, and an emerald gaze, Laxmi is a hijra.
    She is one of some five million individuals, always transvestites, often transsexuals and even sometimes castrato, who form a peculiar cast since the dawn of time. They are often solicited for their beneficial influences, yet rejected and isolated from society. Laxmi is metamorphosed at night, becoming an ardent dancer. Thus, she participates in perpetuating this unmemorable tradition to which Indians solicit Hijras to bring happiness during the various rites of passage in life including births, marriages, or moving to a new house…
    President of the only NGO of castrato in Asia, during the day she carries out an untiring combat against the devastations of AIDS, which has spread more and more amongst the Hijras who are condemned to prostitution for survival.