Patrick Tourneboeuf
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  • We are in an enclosed space. A world of shared experience closed from within.

    A land of mysteries, rites and order. A family recognisable by its codes and uniforms.
    We are behind the scenes of a neutral light in which a group of young men and women aged 18 to 22 have joined the National Navy for eight years. This is not an elite group, but a group of people who will become navy firemen, supply officers or even head-waiters, who aspire to voyages, adventures and who want to get a professional training.

    No one is judged on their past, their appearance, values or religion.


    These photographs were taken in February 2001 as part of a state comission from the  ‘Centre National des Arts Plastiques’ on the youth of France, with the support of the ‘Musée de la Marine’.

    Titre :
    Behind closed door
    Photographies :
    Patrick Tourneboeuf
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    Sylvain Lizon
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    Images en Manœuvres Editions
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    56 pages
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    28 x 35 cm
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