Le Plateau – Braga Festival Encontros da Imagem
Bertrand Meunier
September 19 th to October 21st

/>Exhibition of the series « Le plateau », from the residency at the Hôtel Fontfreyde in 2013.

This exhibition is the outcome of a eight-months residency led by Bertrand Meunier in the Saint Jacques neighbourood in Clermont-Ferrand in partnership with the Photographic Center Hotel Fontfreyde.

In 2013, Bertrand Meunier focused on people and places of every day life of the Saint Jacques area in Clermont-Ferrand.
The neutrality and fairness of the photographer, associated with the plastic quality of his images lead us to take another look at an area considered as a sensitive place, far from any stereotype. Composed of portraits and architectures, the photographic series of Le Plateau takes place in the continuity of the work carried out over many years by Bertrand Meunier and contributes to the renewal of social documentary.

Braga, Portugal

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