Chiapas – Festival Visa pour l’image
Mat Jacob
September 6th

Screening of “Chiapas : 20 years after rebellion, what have became the
« zapatistas »?”

September 6th at 9.45 pm

2014 celebrates the 20th birthday of the zapatista insurrection in Chiapas, Mexico.
The January 1st 1994, ten of thousands of indians, lead by the enigmatic deputy commander Marcos, took arms to claim for the respect of their rights.
Since,despite the failure of numerous negociations, zapatistas continue the revolt by defending a way of autonomy andorganising a parallel system of society.

Between 1995 and 2013, Mat Jacob traveled seven times on the « field of operations » to capture the contrast of this conflict, enclaved between a low intensity warfare and a politics of utopia.

The international festival of Photojournalism, Visa pour l’image will devote a screening to this mexican story.

Campo Santo, Perpignan

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