Olivier Culmann
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  • A Chicken’s Life presents a series of diptychs made up of two documentaries: the first one, in colour, is based on the poultry industry and the other one, in black and white, documents the French military service. Olivier Culmann compared these two series and realised that in both cases he had photographed the same reality: alienation and its consequences (war, slaughtering…). Without falling into excessive pathos, he has created a humorous photographic pamphlet in which those who cannot cross the line are viewed with as much irony as tenderness.
    Winner of the Monograph Prize – Filigranes 2000

    Titre :
    A chicken life (Une vie de poulet)
    Photographies :
    Olivier Culmann
    Editeur :
    Filigranes Éditions
    Nombre de pages :
    24 pages
    Format :
    13 x 18 cm
    Prix :
    15 euros
    Date de parution :
    Isbn :
    9-782914-381055 / 2-914381-05-0