Olivier Culmann
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  • A world tour of the televiewers.
    India, France, the United States, Nigeria, Mexico, Lithuania, China: this book invites to look at the televiewers of the whole world plunged in front of their small screen. Information, serials «telenovelas», cartoons, entertainment shows, – wherever he is, in a sofa ultra comfortable either sat on a shaky chair, the televiewer bottom in the same behavior: settling comfortably, coiling up, subsiding little by little.
    Olivier Culmann photographs people who watch TV. And their television set. And the reader-spectacteur accompanies him in this journey around the world.

    Titre :
    Watching Tv
    Photographies :
    Olivier Culmann
    Preface :
    Gabriel Bauret
    Editeur :
    Editions Textuel
    Nombre de pages :
    152 pages
    Format :
    24 x 24 cm
    Prix :
    40 euros
    Date de parution :
    Isbn :