Mat Jacob
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  • Photojournalists explain that their profession has considerably evolved over the last decade.
    Today, some of their greatest doubts concern the place of photography within the press; the difficulties of finding means to circulate documentaries and stories; and problems related to huge technical changes.
    Many interviews of people who work in the world of press photography converge towards the idea that the profession is necessary in a society which values its spirit of democracy.
    In this publication, portfolios are interspersed with texts and a major place is given to current events and historical photography. In the final pages of the book, practical information is given for both professionals and amateurs.
    Special Mention from the Jury of the 2005 Nadar Prize

    Titre :
    Photographies :
    Mat Jacob et Tendance Floue
    Texte :
    Olivia Colo / Wilfried Esteve / Mat Jacob
    Editeur :
    Coédition Marval et l’École des métiers de l’information-CFD
    Nombre de pages :
    222 pages
    Format :
    17,5 x 24 cm
    Prix :
    39 euros
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    Isbn :
    9-782862-343754 / 2-86234-375-7