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  • dear fairYs (2017) / Grégoire Eloy

    dear fairYs is a book dummy available in 59 copies, designed by french graphic designer Florian Brennemann. It is a puzzle made of 125 A3 pages which can unfold into a 17m long exhibition.

    Images were made in Guernsey and Sark between September and december 2016 during the 2016 artist in residence program at Gate House Gallery in collaboration with the Guernsey Photography Festival and financially supported by the Guernsey Arts Commission.

    Each copy comes with a signed 21x29cm inkjet reproduction of a handmade analog print made in Guernsey during the residence, by contact to the computer screen. The print changes every 5 copies.

    Titre :
    dear fairYs
    Photographies :
    Grégoire Eloy
    Editeur :
    Nombre de pages :
    Format :
    22 cm x 30 cm
    Prix :
    95euros + postage
    Date de parution :