In 2006, Raymond Depardon presented in Arles the works of young French photographers. He said: «This is the new generation of reporters and photographers. Among these photographers, 14 have decided to compose this informal group and work around the notion of territory in every sense and nuance of the concept.»
This collective book is tuned into our time and wishes to question our society. Like Raymond Depardon, these young photographers are led by ethical principles. They explore suburban cities or big French cities. They focus on the outlying suburbs and how they might clash with what remains of traditional land. Some of them have given themselves over to an initiatory journey, a quest for their « true self ». Others discovered renewed opportunities in familiar environments. All of them show a world in motion, a changing society which sometimes suffers unexpectedly the consequences of former decisions. They unveil the failings of a society facing the end of individual specificity; a society that worries about the progressive loss of historic landmarks and discloses its hurts, failures, hopes and multiple facets before the cameras of Jean-Christophe Béchet, Philippe Chancel, Julien Chapsal, Cyrus Cornut, Gilles Coulon, Olivier Culmann, Raphaël Dallaporta, Franck Gérard, Laurent Gueneau, Olivier Jobard, Stéphane Lagoutte, Gilles Leimdorfer, Malik Nejmi, Marion Poussier.

Gilles Coulon / Olivier Culmann
Anne Biroleau
Trans Photographic Press
Number of pages
140 pages
22 x 28 cm
30 euros
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