We go through the violence of the world, (1999)


“We go through the violence of the world” is a sentence which each photographer of Tendance Floue immediately related to. We then searched through our photographic series to find pictures which were evocative of the sentence. This inspired us to collectively create a book, an exhibition and a film which would form three bases and three ways of expressing a theme which could be presented as a joint piece of work or on an individual basis.
This work is made up of two distinct parts. The photographs in the first part evoke a feeling of muffled violence: social violence, economic violence, violence in our everyday lives… The photographs in the second part engage with the first ones and counteract this violence by leaning towards a sense of lightness.


2001 Confluences, Paris / France
2000 Festival du Livre, Forcalquier / France


Book :
Tendance Floue, 1999
See the book

See the film

This exhibition requires 40 linear meters
It consists of 9 framed prints (varnished wood frames)

1 print 60x90 cm
1 print 100x80 cm
2 prints 80x120 cm
5 prints 30x45 cm
1 transport and packaging case
Grooved foam dividers
Total weight of the exhibition: 50 kg