Steles / Patrick Tourneboeuf
On November 11th 1918 an end was put to the First World War. What should be the place of memory in regards with history?
In every town and village, a monument has been kept in honour of the people who died during the Great War: the war memorials have become steles in the heart of the city. These first objects of commemoration are reminders of a history which binds the intimate with the universal. They preserve memory. These sculptures were erected by commissioned artists as high steles which would withstand the action of time. Nowadays, these sculptures or statues embody and celebrate the memory of the past. In future times they will be among the last remnants of the memory of these men, of our History…
Exhibitions :
2014- Stèles, Festival Allers-Retours, Musée Albert Kahn / France.
2014- Stèles, dans le cadre de l’exposition “Fusillés pour l’exemple, les fantômes de la république”, Hôtel de ville de Paris / France.
2014- Stèles, dans le cadre de l’exposition “La France, essai de portrait photographique”, Photographic Art Exhibition. Pékin / Chine.
2011- Stèles/Nord, Festival Transphotographiques, Maison de la photographie. Lille / France.
2008 – Historial de la Grande Guerre, Péronne / France
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This exhibition includes 10 prints of 120 x 180 cm glued with frame