Etre, à l’Ouest/Mat Jacob

Jacob gets loose from the documentary and shatters the personal diary, he delivers photos accumulated between two centuries, revealing the man, the being in his sources and his mysteries, his solitude and his distractions. He speaks to us in fact about the universal.

«Are we in the presence of a story, of a tale, one there «road-photographique»? No matter… At the end of the earth he mixes the nearness of extremes. He searches and walks on roads, he knows that he risks the dizziness of clouds and photographic abyss of the memory there. This loss of balance,estimates it and diverts it which follows feeds his images. At a glance, Mat Jacob discovers – where is? – the place of the link.»
Yann Le Goff, President of the Atlantic Center of Photography

«At the end of the earth, at the end, we refuse that everything stops, nothing ever closes, either bars, or the energy which we give a boost short of glassfuls. Nothing has to stop, we have to stay.»
Mat Jacob

Exhibitions :
2012 – Petite biennale de la photographie, Blain / France
2011 – Galerie Les Filles du Calvaire, Paris / France
2010 – Centre Atlantique de la Photographie, Brest / France
2008 – Mois de la photo, Espace Dupon, Paris / France


Book :
Éditions Democratic Books, 2010
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This exhibition includes prints on aluminum, framed:

13 prints 26.6 x 40.8 cm
12 prints 30.6 x 45.7 cm
1 prints 34.6 x 80.6 cm
3 prints 40.6 x 40.6 cm
23 prints 40.7 x 60.8 cm
1 prints 50.7 x 50.7 cm
8 prints 50.6 x 75.7 cm
1 print 61.5 x 115.6 cm
5 prints 80.6 x 120.7 cm
1 print 90.6 x 130.6 cm
10 prints 20 x 30 cm
3 prints 11 x 56 cm
1 print 50 x 57 cm
1 print 30 x 56 cm
1 print 20 x 35 cm