CHIAPAS, the Zapatista insurrection in Mexico (1993-2015) / Mat Jacob

Mat Jacob has been documenting the Zapatista insurrection in Mexico for more than twenty years. This movement – as much a cultural as a political one – wielded influence and became an emblem for the alter-globalisation.

Mat Jacob’s work has been published by Actes Sud as part of the collection Photo Poche Histoire (2015).

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The exhibition consists of 40 prints including :
19 prints 22 x 32 cm
9 prints 42 x 62 cm
12 prints 62 x 92 cm

Inkjet prints on textured paper, laminated, brushed aluminium frame

Possibility to print a 240 x 360 cm imagery, extract from a contact sheet
Blue Back paper fixing

Projection of a Mat Jacob's short film (15 min).