Exhibition by Meyer
Merignac photographic festival

Merignac Photographic Festival
5 october – 17 december 2017
Opening – 7 october 7pm (St-Vincent church)

Meyer will present his “Nuit Debout” series as part of the second Mérignac Photographic Festival which François Cheval has been invited to curate.

Nuit Debout (Up All Night) is a global movement protesting against political institutions and the economic system that began on 31st March 2016 on the Place de la République in Paris following a demonstration against the “Loi Travail”, the new French labour law. The strength and originality of the movement lie in its principal form of action: the occupation of the public square. Nuit Debout has no leader and no spokesperson and is organised in committees, taking decisions by consensus during general assemblies. Meyer has captured the day and the night, moments of gathering together, of speaking and listening.

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