New collective creation at Les Rencontres d’Arles

On this 25th anniversary of the Collective, we are delighted to present POESIS, our new collective creation, as part of Voies Off festival. The screening will be followed by a “Crazy night / Tendance Floue party”, with a funky-house dancefloor.
Free entry, welcome!

“The title of Tendance Floue’s new opus is POESIS, from the Greek word that signifies creation. Here of course it is again a question of inventing and re-inventing in images. It is our function ; to adopt a view-point, to focus on a blurred image and show the images that appear. This new page of our collective work has thus its place in a contemporary movement of artistic resistance. It is our role, to stand beside those engaged in defending the permanent celebration of a poetic vision ; the magic of looking at the moon and seeing it for the first time. Nowadays, during this barbaric epoque of consumption when the universe is slowly consumed, it is urgent to declare the freedom of the emotions ; to desire, not to hope ; to evoke the unknown, to question the power of our imagination, to feed the language of the image with poetry and mystery. Photography cannot change the world, but it can take part in the process of change. Let us celebrate together in our vision, this savoury damnation.”

Tendance Floue at Voies Off 2016

> Saturday 9 July, 10:30 pm – 2 am : Tendance Floue’s night
10:30 pm : screening of Poesis
11:30 pm : Voies Off awards
00:00 pm : Dancefloor Funky and House with the DJs Fred Chivot and Mr Flou

> Thursday 7 July, 11:30 am : Workshop and portfolio review with Tendance Floue

> Saturday 9 July, 11:30 am : Meet Tendance Floue