Folk Blues Remains

A space that is opened up through the imagination of a composer – Benjamin de la Fuente – and a photographer / videographer – Mat JacobFolk Blues Remains is a musical and visual show whose roots dive deep into the powerful and melancholic spirit of the Blues.

By reviving the power of these ancient sounds and the tales they have always told – of the harshness of the human condition and the solitude – the musicians summon dispersed fragments of history, of sensations that have disappeared. Sound that resembles a machine for revealing the invisible, the intimate, wanderings and wounds.

Images filmed by Mat Jacob, projected using an installation of multiple screens that interact with the sound, delve into the soul of a strange, tormented character, played by José Chidlovsky, who is probably also beset with the contradictions of the Blues. During the show, Mat Jacob intervenes in real time on images that are transformed by the sound.

“It is a work on the material of the Blues; it’s not the Blues of the 21st century, nor a explicit reference to the repertory.” Benjamin de la Fuente

“What interests me is the experience proposed, the encounter with the music (…) it’s a confrontation, a spark between the music and the images.” Mat Jacob


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Folk Blues Remains (teaser) from Tendance Floue on Vimeo.