CHIAPAS / Mat Jacob

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In 1994 the world witnessed the uprising of the Indians from Chiapas, one of the poorest states of Mexico. Few realised however, that it was a new and lasting form of rebellion that would quickly become the symbol of the anti-globalist movement, as can be seen in the photographs of Mat Jacob. Spanning 20 years, his work is an empathic and accurate document of the epic revolt that declares itself non-violent and preaches self-governance and solidarity amongst autonomous communities rather than thriving to achieve formal power.

CHIAPAS, The Zapatist uprising in Mexico
Introduction by Jérôme Baschet
Tale by sub-commander Marcos
Postface by Christopher Yggdre
144 pages
 , 90 black and white photographies
12,5 x 19 cm

PHOTO POCHE Histoire n°H12

Actes Sud
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