Bertrand Meunier
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  • After Anders Petersen in 2008, Bertrand Meunier made his first book called during a residency in Sète, invited by the festival ImagesSingulières. He choose to show us the winter Sète. Through sixty black and white, the city appears as a stylish world marine landscapes, rough and windy…It’s winter and yet the city is anything but sleepy in his images where passersby, fishermen, teenagers and others involved in the ballet of his compositions and his shots so personal.

    Titre :
    Sète #09
    Photographies :
    Bertrand Meunier
    Preface :
    Christian Caujolle
    Editeur :
    Coédition CéTàVOIR et Images en Manoeuvres Éditions
    Nombre de pages :
    96 pages
    Format :
    20,5 x 21 cm
    Prix :
    25 euros
    Date de parution :
    Isbn :